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TIUN® is the first mermaid school in the world to combine with PADI® scuba diving to train young mermaids in environmental activities and to rescue animals and nature. In response to the global movement – AWARE week, we have organized the programs of collecting garbage on Mui Ne beach in 2018 and scuba diving to collect garbage on Hon Mun Island, Nha Trang in 2019. TIUN mermaid community will always do our best to support Project Aware with the hope that the marine environment and children's future will be better. Please take a look at TIUN's two years of companion in AWARE week.

Collection of garbage on Mui Ne beach in2018 In a beautiful summer morning, TIUN mermaid trainees wake up early to travel 213km from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet City. The trip is leaded by the merman Tiun, an expert in scuba diving of PADI®. On arrival, the trainees wear on them otter shirts designed by Tiun merman to collect garbage on the beach and called for the protection of this endangered anima…


Last week two endangered elongated tortoises (Indotestudo elongata) were brought into the TIUN Wildlife Rescue by a concerned local who had ‘found’ them close to his home in area populated by many people, he feared that someone would catch them and eat them. All two little tortoises seem in good health. For now these little guys are safe and are currently settling into life at Nam Cat Tien National Park meeting other rescued and displaced elongated tortoises in a large open field enclosure. In the future we hope to release these guys back to the wild in a protected area far away from the pressures of man.

The elongated Tortoise is listed as Endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, it is under extreme pressure across most of its range, largely due to it being widely harvested and sold on the Asian food markets. Disregard for international conservation laws are apparent, with the trade in tortoises brisk, highly developed, and probably ignored by many border guards, custo…