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Eaten beauty! Giant clams are very popular among reef aquarists, probably because of their beautiful colours, their shape and their quiet presence, among other factors. For many divers and snorkellers, tridacnid clams are among the most fascinating organisms in the reef. Unfortunately, divers and reef aquarists are not the only people who admire tridacnid clams. In many tropical countries all over the world, giant clams are found in the fish markets among tilapia, squid, shrimps and crabs. For many aquarists it might be hard to believe that in other countries their highly desirable reef tank "jewels" end up in the cooking pot. But to many people giant clams are nothing more than larger varieties that feed the whold family.
Hello guys, I'm Merman Tiun in Mpai Bay, Korong Samloem. I am looking for some giant clams in this island because everytime I see them, I swim nonstop about giant clams these day, all day. Giant clams are these masive and colorful shelled marine animal…


Merman Tiun is the founder to bring the mermaid world to Vietnam, with 20 years of professional swimming and diving experience, from an athlete to the world's diving expert, Tiun becomes the first real life merman to be known in Vietnam in 2014.

Recognizing imported mermaid tails at too expensive prices that cannot help the children make their mermaid dreams come true. Merman Tiun with supported from ScubadiveVietnam, his friends and family, launched the first mermaid swimwear brand in Vietnam in 2016 named TIUN.
After visiting throughout all the swimming clubs in Vietnam to find an ideal pool for mermaid training, Tiun chose Lan Anh Club as the official mermaid club in Vietnam to train professional mermaids for the world to work in mermaiding, join in marine environment activities and rescue animals and nature.
Vietnam mermaid training school was formulated with joy and tears of countless people who love the Merman Tiun in order to build a useful and healthy playground for children …